Artist Statement

It always amazes me how people seek to emotionally protect themselves. As social beings, we all want to hide certain aspects of ourselves. As social beings, we all want to hide certain aspects of ourselves that we deem private. It is how we protect that private place, inner child or inner demon that fascinates me. In my work, I have compared those emotional responses to the way animals physically protect themselves. I take the cue from the animal to express its protective measures and add the human element. In using this animal/human language I seek to hold a mirror up to the viewer and ask him/her to look at their own ways in which they protect those inner aspects. How many of us have used aggression or distraction to escape a truth? Or hidden a part of ourselves that we think won;t be acceptable by running, lying or putting on a false front? These are strategies that are universal to the human condition. They transcend language and social structure. They are part of all of us.

About Cheryl Lichwell

Cheryl Lichwell has three grown children and a fancy dog whom she calls Gillie. She is currently living in Saco Maine with the ocean by her side. Along with creating her own work, Cheryl teaches clay sculpture in her studio and brings her experience to art therapy with the Mindful Soul Counseling Center.